Study Circles

Study Circles Study Circles are a systematic way of learning about Spirituality and the Baha'i Faith, with special emphasis being placed on putting spirituality into practice. The popular Ruhi Books follow themes such as the Life of the Spirit, Arising to Serve, Children's Classes, Baha'i History, and Walking Together. In these Study Circles there is no leader directing the 'right' answers: the Study Circle has a facilitator encouraging everybody's heart-felt input as a valuable contribution, through the exploration of different questions, quotations and themes. If you are interested in taking part in a Study Circle, please contact Nasrin.

The Ruhi Course is intended to foster community learning, sharing and doing in a spiritual way.

In order to bring together people of diverse talents, abilities and styles, the passages and tasks in the Study Circles are chosen so that they can be explored in as simple or as complex way as the participants find themselves drawn to. By means of a circle of mixed qualities and character, everyone is able to participate, make personal contributions and learn from each others' insights and skills.

Key to the success of the circle is a good facilitator. The facilitator is not there to direct people toward target answers, but to foster the contribution and integration of a diverse spread of ideas and outlooks in a spirit of great friendship, keeping participants focussed on the end goal of putting spirituality into practice.

The first book titled 'Life of the Spirit' is an exploration of Prayer, Life and Death, and Spiritual Purpose, and is intended to foster spiritual sensibilities and mutual sharing of a spiritual outlook with others, such as through establishing occasions of sacred and prayerful atmosphere.

The second book entitled 'Arising to Serve' explores spiritual teaching and deepening, with the goal of participants confidently engaging in a gentle and natural way, friends, neighbours and colleagues with spiritually nourishing conversation.

In the third book, children's classes are explored and practiced. We all encounter children in life, particularly as we become parents, or outside our homes and in our streets; children will become the future adults of the world. One of the hopes of this Book, is that the participants will set aside time with their neighbours to bring children together for character and skill-building activities.

The fourth book focusses on and practices the skill of telling spiritual and inspiring stories, exploring in more detail the lives and heroic sacrifices made by those who established the Baha'i World Community. The aim of this is that people in their daily lives will share spiritual stories to inspire their friends with a great and selfless service to humanity.

The fifth book focusses on and practices the skills of taking younger Youth Groups.

The sixth book explores the skills of confidently and sensitively sharing the core principles of the Baha'i World Faith to those who may be interested in joining wholeheartedly with its cause.

The seventh book explores and practices the skills of facilitating the course to others who are interested, with especial focus on facilitation skills and understanding the goals of the books.

Updated : 2007.06.28