Gifts Offered for the Centre

The Edinburgh Assembly has been moved with the many thoughtful offers of items individuals and groups have so far made with the view of ensuring the Edinburgh Centre is at its most beautiful.

The Assembly in exploring this topic, felt that all practical decisions regarding furnishings within the Centre, should await the decor, feel and use of each room becoming fully known.

Once the general appearance and use of the rooms has been fully agreed, approved and effected (it is a Grade 'A' listed building, and requires Civil consent), it will then become possible to consider carefully the exact details of the smaller decorations within the building and its rooms: for the beauty of such furnishings is as much determined by their surrounding context and the decor as by the qualities they possess when standing on their own.

In the period before that time, all the loving offers that the friends have been moved to make, are being appreciatively noted, so that we may contact everyone at a later time wherever appropriate.

There is an expectation that the furnishing will most likely be achieved through a careful specification, followed by sourcing or commission, in preference to trying to juggle together existing materials and offerings - the ultimate choices being a matter of flexible discretion, with any future Assembly able to amend or reconsider freely any such decision.