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When every boundary shatters and dissolves,
And the ocean surf laps the eastern sun,
When bowed summits imprint the earth
And streams rush in flocks from sleeping caves,

Then shall the pole of human existence
Yearn upon the axis of the spirit, and twist in its agony of separation;
And swaggering blindly in its foundations
Sever its navel from the slough that yielded its birth.

When fleeing shadows expire in incandescent light,
And murmuring whispers incinerate in an anthem of joy,
When prowling sorrows are ravished with ecstacy and bliss,
And wandering odours diffuse with dawn's primordial breeze,

Then shall beauty caress the aging earth,
Unfold its melodies, bathe it in peace, and ceaseless laughter.
Then will the souls of humankind transcend their mortal world
And open their hearts to the eternal heart of the Lover of Man.