Baha'i Centre, Edinburgh

44 Albany Street, Edinburgh EH1 3QR

Directions from Coach Station

CityLink Megabus

  1. The Coach Station is to the right of St Andrew Square on the map.
  2. Turn right out the main entrance onto St Andrew's Square.
  3. Keep walking for a few minutes (onto Dublin St) until you see Albany St on your right.
  4. Walk a few minutes until you reach number 44 on your left. Down the steps if you are entering the lower entrance.
  5. Coaches are available via   Citylink   StageCoach   Megabus.

Directions from Train Station

Train Scotrail Waverley Train Station Edinburgh

  1. Waverley Station on the map is just where the railway line crosses between Waverley Bridge and North Bridge.
  2. Come out up Waverley Bridge onto Princes Street.
  3. Turn up North St Andrew Street.
  4. Keep walking for a few minutes (onto Dublin St) until you see Albany St on your right.
  5. Walk a few minutes until you reach number 44 on your left. Down the steps if you are entering the lower entrance.
  6. Train times are available at   National Rail.
  7. NB: Avoid accidentally getting out at Haymarket, which would entail walking much further or catching a bus!

Directions from Tram Station


  1. Tram Station on the map is just a minute's walk south of the Baha'i Centre. Trams run all the way from the airport and end here.
  2. Come out of the tram.
  3. Cross the road to the North side.
  4. Proceed left 10-20 metres, and turn right down York Lane (a sloping road).
  5. At the second right, which is the first major road, cross the road and turn right and walk a few metres to the Baha'i Centre door, number 44.
  6. Trams run roughly every 10 mins, a map and timetable can be found at   Edinburgh Trams.

Directions by Bus

Bus Lothian Bus First

  1. This depends on your bus. Catch a bus into the City Centre and get off at the "East End" of Princes Street, and follow the directions as for the train station.
  2. Buses are available via   Lothian Buses   First. For Lothian Buses, click under 'Find Your Bus' to view the interactive route map.

Cycling and Walking


  1. For Walking from the Train Station or Coach Station, see above.
  2. Whilst Google Maps provides a good way for general journey planning with its automatic route-maker, OpenStreetMap is the service to check for local paths in Edinburgh.

Directions from Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport Bus Airlink 100

  1. Catch the blue Airport 100 Bus into the City Centre and follow the directions as above for the train.
  2. The Airport 100 bus is fastest and most direct, but more expensive; so alternatively, especially if you want to buy a day ticket and explore or travel around the City, the Lothian 35 will get you nearby the Baha'i Centre if you know your way around Edinburgh, whilst a 1 km walk (or ride on the 35) to the nearby Ingliston Park and Ride will enable you to catch the 48 / X48 which will get you to the end of Princes Street. See the Lothian Buses website if you need timetables and route maps.
  3. Airport Flight Times are available at   Edinburgh Airport.

Directions from Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport Glasgow Flyer Arriva 500

  1. Catch the Glasgow Flyer airport bus to Buchanan Bus Station or the railway station, then the Coach (City Link 900) to Edinburgh Coach Station (St Andrews) or train to Waverley, as appropriate.
  2. Airport Flight Times are available at   Glasgow Airport.

Directions by Car


  1. Go to Google Maps pointing at the Centre.
  2. Click Get Directions on the top left.
  3. Type your starting postcode or place in (A), then click Get Directions.
  4. With driving, the basic thing to note is that the Centre of Edinburgh is full of one-way traffic and also has tram-works in progress, and rush hour is between 08:00-09:30 and 16:00-18:00. Your main route will be to come down Broughton Street and turn off into Albany Street.
  5. Parking exists -
    • Outside the front of the Centre on Albany Street. On Sundays and all days after 18:30, it is free; between 08:30-18:30 Mon-Sat there is a 1.60/hr charge (max 4 hours).
    • A map of nearby car parks and their rates can be found at
    • There are also 8 spaces at the back; please note, that during important public events these are reserved for priority parking such as the disabled and also for unloading. For this small Centre Car Park, drive down Albany Street, right down Albany Lane, turn right, until you see the grilled gate on your right. You may need to check it has been opened.


Accessibility Disabled Ramp at Rear

  1. Lower Ground - for those with mobility difficulties, the best entrance to the Lower Ground is via the back ramp from the car park - you can view it here.

Cafes and Eating

Real Foods Tesco

  1. The Baha'i Centre has a microwave and basement area that are always suitable for eating in.
  2. There is a Real Foods wholefood shop if you exit the Centre, turn left, go a few metres down Albany Street onto Broughton Street, and turn right a few metres, and cross over to the other side.
  3. There are also Cafes just close to Real Foods on Broughton Road at the end of Albany Street.